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Bianca Ruiz

Bianca is a licensed Tax Preparer who has been registered with California Tax Education Council since 2010, with over ten years of experience providing quality tax services for her clients. She worked for one of the top accounting firms in the world in various tax departments for over six years. She is experienced in high-net-worth and low-income individuals, exempt organizations, partnerships, and LLCs. Recently, she has became well versed in tax reform, Covid relief, stimulus rebates, and works extremely hard to maximize refunds though proper tax planning for each client.

Types of services

Tax Planning and Strategy, Virtual Tax Preparation, COVID-19 conscious drop offs, Quick and easy appointments, Stimulus Rebates, Child Tax Credits, Self-employed business, Rental properties, Sale of stock and crypto, Undocumented workers (ITIN applications and preparation).

  • No physical contact
  • Quick turnaround
  • Solid returns
  • Accurate estimates
  • Law compliance
  • Quotes available

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Please check my calendar and schedule a 15 minute prep call or schedule a tax preparation with all your documents. Or reach out to me directly preferably by email or phone.